Integration Indeed: How it works

Your built-in ATS gives you a powerful tool to attract and hire the right talent.

A streamlined process

The views created in built-in ATLAS allows the creation of posts instantly through the XML link and allows to be discovered by more than 250 million users monthly.

More apps

The jobs integrated into Indeed by ATLAS are much simpler in terms of the application performed by the candidates. This gives them the ability to apply directly with their Indeed profile which greatly increases the number of applications, thanks to the optimization of their mobile application.

Data-driven analytics

Integration will allow you to see and track applications and applications through your built-in ATS. With accurate monitoring of the sources, you'll be able to see what performs best.

Details of The Indeed integration for ATLAS:


  1. Service Terms /Privacy Policy by Indeed
    2. https


  1. The elements included in the integration:
    1. Automatic source tracking: our advanced statistical update expected this spring will allow for in-depth data analysis


    1. Application Indeed :

· Applicants can apply with or without their Account Indeed

· Job display requisitions include displays on all Indeed membership sites (

· The app applyer will be able to proceed with The application features of Indeed

· The app appliant will no longer be redirected to the ATLAS career page

· You have the option to opt out through the ATLAS broadcast portal at any time (under no circumstances can a customer contact Indeed to unseal)


    1. For sponsored jobs (next update):

· You can sponsor a job with atlas soon

· You can manage a campaign with ATLAS too

· You must have an Effective account valid for transactions through the ATLAS

· You should visit your Indeed account to check your campaign budgets or their deadlines by visiting:

· You can make unselected views without An Account Indeed


    1. For the layout of the data:

· Indeed is a data controller according to Indeed's privacy policy (